Case Studies

To hear from people whose lives have changed through therapy just select 'read more' from the table below.
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  Name Condition Testimonial Video
Teresa Teresa  Fear of Travelling
"I am chuffed to bits and I have got
my life back,so thank you Lloyd
and thank you BeOnForm"...

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Emma Emma Panic Attacks and

"I started suffering from Panic Attacks
when I was 13"...
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Dawn Dawn  Anxiety
"I went on to deal with the issue
very quickly and I havent had
any problems since"...
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Naomi Naomi Panic Attacks and Anxiety
"I started getting panic attacks
around 18 months ago"...
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Hilary Hilary Agoraphobia and Panic Attacks
"I only wish this type of treatment had been around 30 years ago; if it had, my life would have been a lot different"...
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Liz Liz Relationship issues, negative emotions.
"My childhood was such that I grew up with a great many issues"...
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Lewis Lewis   Fear of Public Speaking
"I don’t know what I would have done
if I hadn’t come to BeOnForm to get their
help, I owe them a lot"...

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Philip Philip     Fear of Needles
"I had a problem with needles and injections and"...
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Jane Jane  Fear of Flying
"The fear of just thinking about it.. or actually going to book it has been erased and I feel a lot more calm and confident"...
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