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Panic Attacks

When a person first starts suffering the effects of panic attacks, they often do not know what is happening to them. Literally hundreds of people attend Accident and Emergency departments of Hospitals around the world daily, suffering what they suspect is a heart attack only to be confronted with the opinion that there is nothing wrong with them, even though they feel like they are dying.

Panic Attack treatments

Panic attack treatment comes in various forms and anything from prescription drugs to the ultra modern therapies being popularised in the press and television nowadays. However the degree of success of the various panic attack treatment methods is really dependant on whether the treatment is targeting the symptoms or the cause.

How to treat Agoraphobia

One of the questions we at BeOnForm are asked over and over concerns how to treat agoraphobia?  It seems that there is an awful lot of information on the internet about treating all sorts of illnesses but when your search term is, how to treat agoraphobia, every search seems to produce nothing of real value.

Treatments for Agoraphobia

Treatments for agoraphobia are many and varied, but how effective are they?

Modern treatments for agoraphobia enjoy a far higher success rate than traditional methods, but to understand why, let us have a look at what is available.

Agoraphobia Treatment

This modern approach to agoraphobia treatment uses a combination of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to tackle the root causes of agoraphobia in a fast efficient manner.


Anxiety Treatment

There are many forms of anxiety treatment available and people have their own particular story to tell regarding their own experiences.


It is nigh on impossible to get help with your agoraphobia if you are unable to travel and most agoraphobics find travelling at best extremely difficult, if not totally unachievable. People just donít understand how debilitating agoraphobia is. 
General Anxiety Disorder

General anxiety disorder or GAD is a condition where the sufferer has excessive anxiety on most days. Traditional treatment is initially the prescription of buspirone or another anti depressant.
Preventing Panic Attacks

Just about the Holy Grail for panic sufferers, is finding a method of preventing panic attacks. There are lots of different theories out there; some doctors say that medication is the best method, whilst others point to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) as the panacea in preventing panic attacks
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