How to Treat Agoraphobia

One of the questions we at BeOnForm are asked over and over concerns how to treat agoraphobia?  It seems that there is an awful lot of information on the internet about treating all sorts of illnesses but when your search term is, how to treat agoraphobia, every search seems to produce nothing of real value.

All that is about to change though, because if you found this by typing “how to treat agoraphobia”, you are about to find out!

Agoraphobia is the progression of panic disorder and is the fear of going somewhere or doing something in case it will bring on a panic attack. It is understanding this fact, that is key to understanding how to treat agoraphobia, because it is no good treating agoraphobia without treating the causes of panic attacks first.

Panic attacks are triggered as a result of anxiety, brought on by an accumulation of past events and it is these past events, which prop everything else up. So if you asked us how to treat agoraphobia, our answer would be “treat the underlying cause first.”

So how to treat panic attacks and how to treat agoraphobia should really give you the same answer, namely “get rid of the negative programming in the subconscious mind” and that’s exactly what our therapy is all about. At BeOnForm we concentrate our efforts on modifying the underlying beliefs stored deep within the subconscious, that cause the conscious mind to create the negative anxious thoughts that trigger anxiety.

To explain this in more depth, let me explain that the subconscious brain is an awesomely powerful piece of equipment. Everything you have ever experienced, heard, seen, read, been told, felt, seen on television or even imagined is all stored away, deep within the subconscious and forms the basis of your view of the world. In reality, your world, the world you live in, is created by and coloured by what I like to call “rules,” held deep within your subconscious mind. You might think the world is a wicked place, or alternatively you might think the world is a wonderful place, it’s your view and yours alone. Your beliefs are a result of what YOU have been exposed to in the past. And it’s this exposure which creates YOUR rule books about everything; your perceptions of love, hate, friends and foes, good and bad. From external stimuli and our perceptions of reality, our thoughts are formed and our thoughts precede our actions and our emotions, good or bad, positive or negative, happy or sad, confident or anxious!

So next time you hear someone ask how to treat agoraphobia, you can tell them its all about the subconscious, perceived reality and rules created by past events!

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