Training Courses - Overview

BeOnForm hosts a range of popular, highly-acclaimed training courses at convenient venues across the UK.

Held in friendly environments, we ensure that our courses have a practical ‘hands-on’ approach.

Training courses fall into three categories;

  • Self-help – learn simple techniques to help manage and control your personal problems


Stress Management

Stress Management Courses Our highly-effective Stress Management courses are designed to teach a range of techniques to control and manage stress-related problems. Individuals and groups welcome.

  • ‘De-stressing the BeOnForm Way’ (2-days)
  • De-stressing course ‘Removing Financial Stress’ (1 evening)

Stress Management    Removing Financial Stress

Reiki and Thought Field Therapy (TFT Courses)

Reiki CoursesHere we teach you the essentials needed to introduce these powerful therapies into your own healthcare regime. No prior knowledge is required on your part and the courses are held in a fun atmosphere, with practical demonstrations.

  • ‘Reiki 1’  
  • ‘Introduction to Thought Field Therapy ’

Reiki 1   TFT Introduction

Synchronicity Retreat Courses

Synchronicity Retreat CoursesOur ‘Universal Principles ’ and our ‘Synchronicity Retreat’ courses are both guaranteed to change your life for the better!

Synchronicity Retreat

Become a Practitioner

Reiki Practitioner and Reiki Master Courses

Reiki Practitioner Courses Would you like to become a qualified Reiki Practitioner or Reiki Master Teacher? From ‘Reiki 1’ through to our ‘Reiki 4 - Reiki Master Teacher’, BeOnForm offers all the Reiki training courses you could wish for!

We also offer a ‘Reiki Mastery’ course, structured over six monthly segments, providing a cost-effective route for the dedicated student.

Reiki 1   Reiki 2   Reiki 3   Reiki 4   Reiki Mastery

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Practitioner Course

TFT Thought Field TherapyOur Algorithm course is your route to becoming a Certified Practitioner in TFT.
Courses are currently being offered in the UK and Europe to provide training and certification (in whole or in part).

Note that we only run courses approved and endorsed by the originator of TFT, Dr. Roger J. Callahan. Approved status can be verified by contacting the Callahan Techniques® office, 78-816 Via Carmel, La Quinta, California 92253, USA.
Telephone (+1) 760 564 1008 or e-mail

TFT - Algorithm

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) - Advanced Practitioner Course

Advanced TFTIf you are already a TFT practitioner, you may be interested in our advanced course. The British Thought Field Therapy Association has approved this training programme which looks at identifying and dealing with Individual Energy Toxins (IET’s), and dealing with complex and chronic cases.

Advanced TFT

Complementary Medicine Practitioner Course

Complementary Medical PractitionerThis intensive course embodies the latest technologies available for alternative healthcare.

Complementary Medicine Practitioner

Corporate and Workplace

Corporate and WorkplaceIf you represent a large group of workplace individuals or a corporate business we can provide set courses or tailored training, either at your preferred location or at one of our training centres. Cost reductions apply for block bookings.

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