Conditions - Emotion


There are many positive emotions such as forgiveness, love and empathy but there are also many negative, destructive emotions;

image:emotion condition Feeling; abandoned, abused, accused, afraid, alone, ashamed, attacked, bossed around, cheated, confused, controlled, cut down, criticised, cynical, dehumanised, disapproved of, discouraged, disrespected, embarrassed, falsely accused, forced, frightened, guarded, guilt-tripped, humiliated, inhibited ignored, insignificant, invisible, inferior, insulted, interrogated, intimidated, invalidated, imprisoned, judged, labelled, left out, lonely, lied about, lied to, manipulated, mocked, misunderstood, misled, neglected, obligated, over-ruled, offended, over-protected, powerless, pressured, punished, resentful, restricted, resented, rejected, ridiculed, robbed, scared, sceptical, suspicious, stereotyped, trapped, terrified, threatened, underestimated, unsupported, unwanted, uncared about, unheard, unknown, unimportant, uninformed, unloved, un-trusted, untrusting, under-protected, unsafe, violated.

Negative emotions are things that we all feel from time to time, however, when these emotions interfere with your life on a regular basis its time to do something about them. If you allow any particular emotion to build up over a period of time, it can become all encompassing; overwhelming and can ruin your life.

Fortunately your BeOnForm therapist can help.

How can BeOnForm be of service?

No matter what your emotions BeOnForm can help you come to terms with things and remove the pain from your life. Our skilled practitioners apply techniques and tools that will change your negative emotion into a positive uplifting appreciation of the real you.

Someone else’s opinion of you, or your own emotional state needn’t be your reality, speak to us now!

Quantum Field Therapy © (QFT ©) a unique blend of Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Reiki, Guided Visualisation / Journey Therapy, Regression Therapy, Meditation, Alpha Access, Use of Meta language, Mind Calming and Applied kinesiology (AK), developed and practised by BeOnForm has proven over and over again to be superior to any single treatment when tailored to each individual case...
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What can I expect from treatment?

During your initial consultation a BeOnForm practitioner will discuss and agree with you, the treatment options available to you, before, with your consent, proceeding with therapy. This consultation / Treatment session will last for 2 hours, most people only needing one or two sessions...
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