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Do you have issues connected with your sexuality ?

People with sexualities that society deems ‘alternative’ or ‘different’ are frequently victims of ignorance, discrimination, sexual prejudice, even violence, which often leads to stress, anxiety and depression.

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Happily, a person’s sexuality is no longer a taboo subject or considered such a big deal; however that is not to say that a person’s sexuality is without its challenges.
BeOnForm is here to help, we specialise in giving you the service you deserve; in total confidentiality and without prejudice or discrimination.

As market leader in dealing with the specific issues attached to this specialised area, we are vastly experienced in understanding your circumstances and uniquely able to meet your needs.

Gay & Lesbian

People experiencing sexual thoughts about members of their own sex can often feel confused, especially when they start thinking about their family and peer groups and start analysing how they can possibly approach the subject. The constant fear of rejection is often enough for them to hide their sexuality and this is made worse if their background is one which would make them feel shame, if their sexuality were to be uncovered.

But the issue of sexuality doesn’t end there. As we have already noted, until recently, sexuality was a taboo subject in many households. For a parent to discover that their child is gay or lesbian, can be a very traumatic experience, as the older generation grew up in a less liberal society and so might be imprinted with deeply held belief systems and even prejudices. These parents often find it difficult to talk about the subject and are at a complete loss as to giving their child advice and guidance. They might also worry about what people will say, friends and family who might not understand!

Many older gay and lesbian people will be living daily with the knowledge that their family or parents do not understand. They might even have become detached from their family because of sexuality issues. Though the affected parties may have accepted the situation, often there is still a deep seated concern about the situation especially as the parents are ageing.

Some times bisexuality can bring mixed emotions and a feeling of uncertainty. Some people will say that they are bisexual to hide the fact that they are really gay or lesbian, because something in their belief system says that if they say that they are sexually attracted to the opposite sex, then they will be perceived by others as being ‘normal.’

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Transgendered people represent only a very small portion of the population, but their challenges can be amongst the most severe of all sexuality issues. The population as a whole lacks the understanding of how these people feel trapped inside the body of someone of the wrong sex, even though science has proven that the male and female brains are different. There is a whole host of issues involved in the emotions of a transgendered person, they might already be married with children or else they might not want to enter into any sexual relationship because they feel that they have the wrong sexual anatomy to satisfy a partner.


Cross-dressers represent another group of misunderstood people. Cross-dressers have no desire or intention of adopting the behaviours or practices common to the opposite gender, and do not wish to undergo medical procedures to facilitate physical changes.

Contrary to common belief, the vast majority of cross-dressers are heterosexual, but societies prejudices place untold pressures on them.

Without professional help cross-dressers, transgendered, gay and lesbian people together with family members can have deep seated emotional challenges that will deprive them of their freedom due to the ever present fear and turmoil. BeOnForm can help swiftly, confidentially and effectively.

How can BeOnForm be of service?

No matter what the cause of your sexuality challenge, BeOnForm can help you come to terms with things. Our skilled practitioners employ techniques and tools that remove the turmoil and push aside the clouds that impact your life, replacing them with a positive uplifting acceptance, allowing the real you, a person who is strong, willing and capable of accepting life as it is, one capable of giving love and support, and or standing up for yourself, to come through.

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What can I expect from treatment?

When you contact us, a BeOnForm practitioner will discuss with you, the treatment options available and explain exactly how our therapy will satisfy your specific needs.

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